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Polishing the XENONnT DAQ

Scientists from Freiburg and Nikhef make the DAQ system of XENONnT ready for science data.
Polishing the XENONnT DAQ


One of the main contributions of the Freiburg group to the XENONnT dark matter project at LNGS is the data acquisition (DAQ) system. It records the signals from almost 500 low-background PMTs which observe the light emitted by particle interactions inside the liquid xenon dual-phase TPC. The number of channels of the DAQ system is even 50% larger since half of the channels are digitized twice: once after the signal has been amplified by a factor of 10 (for the dark matter search) and once after reducing the amplitude by a factor of 2 (for the search of the neutrinoless double-beta decay of Xe-136).

XENONnT is being commissioned at LNGS since fall 2020. Over the last months, scientists from Freiburg and Nikhef (NL) updated the last bits and pieces of the DAQ system to make it ready for a first science run. This was accompanied by a short trip of two Freiburg PhD students to LNGS - by car to avoid unnecessary contacts and to transport equipment - to fix some remaining hardware issues on site in the underground laboratory. The DAQ system is now is essentially ready for data.