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Data Acquisition

We develop fast and intelligent data acquisition electronics and systems to read out particle detectors

We develop readout electronics for the large-scale experiments we are involved in and beyond.

  • Custom development of fast, flexible and intelligent electronics (ADCs, TDCs, control modules). Most of our frontend modules feature on-board FPGAs and on-board computers.

    • GANDALF - digitization and readout framework
    • CATCH      - readout driver and front-end electronics
  • Development of custom FPGA-based firmware for commercially available hardware. In some cases, this has been done in cooperation with the company CAEN and has led to commercial products.

    • CAEN V1724DPP-DAW - triggerless readout of multi-channel detectors
    • Skutek DDC-10 - a custom FW for online veto purposes
  • Development of parallelizable client-server-based data acquisition platforms, often using fast databases to allow for non-triggered, fully asynchronous data readout at high rates.

    • The XENON1T Data Acquisition System,
      E. Aprile et al. (XENON Collaboration)
      JINST 14, P07016 (2019), arXiv:1906.00819