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The Data Acquisition System of XENON1T

The Data Acquisition System of XENON1T

The trigger threshold of the XENON1T DAQ system is >98% at the analysis threshold of 200 photoelectrons (~6 electrons).

The complex electronics and data acquisition (DAQ) system of the XENON1T dark matter experiment is described in detail in a new publication, written by Freiburg scientist Dr. Daniel Coderre. Large parts of the system were developed and designed by the Freiburg group. In particular, the firmware for the 100 MHz waveform digitizers was developed in cooperation with CAEN S.p.A. It allows for an asynchronous readout of every photoelectron seen by the detector without a common, global trigger. The contiuous data stream is stored in a MongoDB database in which a computer-based software trigger (event builder) identifies individual events which are stored for analysis.

Sophisticated auxiliary system systems (veto, acquisition monitor, DAQ control) complement the system. They are described in the paper together with the performance of the system.

Original publication:
The XENON1T Data Acquisition System
E. Aprile et al. (XENON Collaboration), arXiv:1906.00819