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Cleanroom Work @ LNGS

Cleanroom Work @ LNGS

Cleanroom work.

The XENON collaboration is close to the installation of the next generation experiment XENONnT, featuring a liquid xenon dark matter target of almost 6 tons.

All works involving the detector itself have to be done in cleanrooms to avoid that the components get contaminated with potentially radioactive dust and dirt. The light signals from XENONnT will be observed by almost 500 low-background photomultipliers (PMTs), which need to be biased and read out.

On the photo, the Freiburg team member Arianna Rocchetti is busy with organizing (some of) these cables. The white (PTFE/Teflon) coaxial cables transmit the PMT signals, the orange (Kapton) cables are used to provide a bias voltage around -1700V to every sensor.