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Welcome to the Astroparticle Physics Group

AG Marc Schumann

We conduct experimental research to solve some of the most challenging mysteries in modern physics: the discovery and subsequent characterization of dark matter, which outnumbers ordinary matter in the Universe by a factor five. So far, dark matter has not yet been detected directly and the expected interaction rate in our detectors is extremely small. We thus develop and operate detectors with an extremely low background to search for dark matter.

The group is involved in several experimental projects

  • XENON: The collaboration currently operates the worlds largest and most-sensitive dark matter detector XENON1T at the Italian LNGS underground laboratory.
  • DARWIN: DARWIN will be the ultimate dark matter detector, capable to explore the entire experimentally accessible WIMP dark matter parameter space.
  • ULTIMATE: an ERC-funded project to perform the required R&D to realize the ultimate dark matter detector such as DARWIN
  • CAST: The CAST experiment at CERN searches for dark matter in the form of axions, which might be emitted by the Sun.
  • Low-background detectors: The group develops components and methods to optimize liquid xenon detectors for rare event searches and to further decrease their background from radioactivity.
  • Data Acquisition and Electronics (DAQ): We develop fast and intelligent data acquisition electronics and systems to read out particle detectors.
  • COMPASS: The COMPASS experiment at CERN studies the spin-structure of the proton.